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MatLAB can be used interactively on the compute nodes with just three quick commands:

      $ qsub -I -l nodes=1
      $ module add matlab
      $ matlab

Running MatLAB interactively on a reserved compute node with graphical (that is, X11 windows output) is a two-stage process that requires two separate terminal sessions:

  1. In the first terminal, login and reserve one or more nodes:
       qsub -I -l nodes=1
       ==> on this new node run "hostname" which will return something
           like "aE34-500-139"
  2. In the second terminal, use a second ssh connection to login to the reserved node:
       ssh -Y
       ssh -Y aE34-500-139      <===  this is the hostname from above
       module add matlab
       matlab -nojvm

Two versions are available:

  • module add matlab
    This is the default MatLAB R14 (version 7.x)

  • module add matlab/6r13
    This is the older MatLAB R13 (version 6.x)

And there are currently some restrictions:

  • If you are not using ssh to froward your X connection then due to the network configuration, MatLAB can only be run in a non-graphical-display mode. This is equivalent to
              $ matlab -nojvm -nodisplay

  • MatLAB in graphical mode will not work with the -nojvm option by itself. The modes that do appear to work are
              $ matlab
              $ matlab -nojvm -nojit
              $ matlab -nodesktop
    and we are working to upgrade the Linux kernel and/or MatLAB libraries to have the full functionality that people expect.

  • The number of MatLAB licenses is finite. If there are insufficient licenses for your jobs, then please try:
    1. try using the free MatLAB-like (and largely MatLAB-compatible) octave environment which is installed on every node, the IA64 (Itanium) nodes for which no MatLAB version is available.
    2. and we'll try to work out a plan to purchase more licenses and/or help you use the MatLAB compiler which does not require runtime licenses.