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NetCDF is a structured binary file format created primarily for handling numerical data sets. Detailed information regarding NetCDF can be obtained from the NetCDF Home Page.

NetCDF libraries are currently available with all of the compilers on the ACES machines and thus can be automatically used when each compiler is selected with a module add statement. This works "automatically" because a complete set of headers and libraries was installed within the standard include and lib directories for each compiler. Thus, no -I/some/path/include or -L/some/path/lib options are necessary.

NetCDF Operators ("NCO")

The NetCDF Operators ("NCO") are a suite of command-line programs used for performing various manipulations of NetCDF files. They are available on ACES using:

        $ module add nco

The NCO programs can perform a wide range of operations including extraction of variables and subsets, editing of file and variable attributes, and numerous mathematical functions. For further information, please see the NCO Home Page which includes detailed documentation and examples.