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Hardware Groups

ACESGrid hardware is arranged in groups according to hardware attributes. Within a particular group hardware is similar. For instance there is a hardware group corresponding to the the dual processor, 4GB systems with gigabit network interfaces at the site. Below is a table listing the hardware groups and there corresponding attribute group names:

Hardware Group Attribute name Node Range
aE34 ( gigabit aE34-500-011 --> aE34-500-081
xeon aE34-500-011 --> aE34-500-081
p4 aE34-500-101 --> aE34-500-145
G2.4 aE34-500-011 --> aE34-500-078
G2.8 aE34-500-078 --> aE34-500-081
4GB ram aE34-500-011 --> aE34-500-075
2GB ram aE34-500-040, aE34-500-044, aE34-500-076 --> aE34-206-081
a48 ( gigabit a48-206-011 --> a48-206-022
xeon a48-206-011 --> a48-206-022
G2.4 a48-206-011 --> a48-206-022
myrinet (currently unavailable) a48-206-m01 --> a48-206-m42
a54 ( gigabit a54-1727-028 --> a54-1727-077
xeon a54-1727-028 --> a54-1727-077
G2.4 a54-1727-028 --> a54-1727-073
G2.8 a54-1727-073 --> a54-1727-077
4GB ram a54-1727-029 --> a54-1727-032, a54-1727-035 --> a54-1727-039, a54-1727-045
2GB ram a54-1727-028, a54-1727-033, a54-1727-034, a54-1727-040 --> a54-1727-077