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IA64 Software has been installed in /usr/local/pkg-ia64 and (apart from aE34-500-641 where the original /usr/local has been retained), IA64 nodes see the IA32 /usr/local. In the case of aE34-500-641 a symbolic link for pkg and pkg-ia64 has been created linking to the NFS mounted directories from geojr.

1. Nodes

The following nodes are running a patched 2.4.21 kernel with SCORE and perfmon patches. Because of a known issue with 2.4.21 kernels on NPTL systems such as RH EL AS3 we've had to disable the salinfod service on these nodes to avoid filling up the error logs and having the daemon hog up a cpu 100% of the time. This should be fixed eventually.
  • a54-1727-641 (head node, 1 1GHz Itanium2, 1GB RAM)

  • a54-1727-642, a54-1727-643 (2 1GHz Itanium2, 16GB RAM)

2. RPMs

The contents of the 4 Red Hat EL AS 3.0 for IA64 CDs have been mounted from itrda on aE34-500-641 as /tmp/d1 to /tmp/d4 and symbolic links to all rpms have been created in /tmp/dall.

The following commands were used to install all necessary extra software:

Prepare the distribution directories:

mkdir /tmp/dall
cd /tmp/dall
ln -s ../d1/RedHat/RPMS/*.rpm .
ln -s ../d2/RedHat/RPMS/*.rpm .
ln -s ../d3/RedHat/RPMS/*.rpm .
ln -s ../d4/RedHat/RPMS/*.rpm .
Install the software:
rpm -Uvh gcc-*ia64.rpm libf2c-3.2.3-42.ia64.rpm libgcc-ssa-3.5ssa-0.20030801.48.ia64.rpm libgcj-*devel**ia64.rpm zlib-devel-1.1.4-8.1.ia64.rpm  libstdc++-devel-3.2.3-42.ia64.rpm libstdc++-ssa-*ia64.rpm libgnat-3.2.3-42.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh autoconf-2.57-3.noarch.rpm automake-1.6.3-5.noarch.rpm

rpm -ivh flex-2.5.4a-29.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh zsh-4.0.7-1.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh emacs-21.3-4.ia64.rpm emacs-leim-21.3-4.ia64.rpm Xaw3d-1.5-18.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh blas-3.0-20.ia64.rpm lapack-3.0-20.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh cproto-4.6-16.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh byacc-1.9-25.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh ddd-3.3.1-23.ia64.rpm ElectricFence-2.2.2-15.ia64.rpm openmotif-2.2.3-3.RHEL3.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh tclx-8.3-92.2.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh tcl-devel-8.3.5-92.2.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh expect-5.38.0-92.2.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh tk-devel-8.3.5-92.2.ia64.rpm XFree86-devel-4.3.0-68.EL.ia64.rpm fontconfig-devel-2.2.1-13.ia64.rpm pkgconfig-0.14.0-5.ia64.rpm freetype-devel-2.1.4-4.0.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh gsl-1.1.1-5.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh octave-2.1.50-6.ia64.rpm gnuplot-3.7.3-2.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh strace-4.5.6-1.EL.ia64.rpm swig-1.1p5-22.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh units-1.80-8.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh compat-gcc-c++-7.3-2.96.128.ia64.rpm compat-glibc-7.x-

rpm -ivh ncurses-devel-5.3-9.3.ia64.rpm readline-devel-4.3-5.2.ia64.rpm gpm-devel-1.19.3-27.2.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh libjpeg-devel-6b-30.ia64.rpm libpng-devel-1.2.2-25.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh libtool-1.4.3-6.ia64.rpm libtool-libs-1.4.3-6.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh curl-devel-7.10.6-4.1.ia64.rpm openssl-devel-0.9.7a-33.12.ia64.rpm krb5-devel-1.2.7-28.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh expat-devel-1.95.5-6.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh /net/itrda/scratch-2/ce107/tar/RHELAS3update/java-1.4.2-ibm-[1d]*
Do the updates:
rpm -Fvh /net/itrda/scratch-2/ce107/tar/RHELAS3update/*.rpm

3. Kernel

  • 2.4.21 with SCore and IA64 (including perfmon) patches

    • built in /net/itrda/scratch-2/ce107/build/linux-2.4.21 and awaiting installation

      • spec file in /net/itrda/scratch-2/ce107/tar/SCORE/kernel-2.4-score4.spec could be modified to produce kernel RPMs if needed - notice that we're based on the official 2.4.21 kernel and not the RH one for perfmon to work and that the patching part of the spec file should be tossed out.

    • symlink in /usr/src points (on some machines) to /net/itrda/scratch-2/ce107/build/linux-2.4.21

      • One might want to copy the build directory to that location instead and change ownership to root but this way with one build multiple machines can be updated.

    • To make the kernel itself, either do "make menuconfig" followed by "make dep clean", "make compressed modules" and finally "make modules install".

4. Generic Tools

  • Modules have been installed in /usr/local/pkg-ia64/modules

    • Modulefiles have been created for several packages, more to follow.